• 2mm Gold Tube Hoops, 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    2 mm Tube Hoops

    Meet our best-selling gold hoops... and kiss them goodbye as they sell out again. (Just kidding... sort of!) There's a reason our customers can't get enough of these thin high-shine staples. They're versatile, sophisticated, and always on-trend. They...

  • Thin Diamond Ear Cuff, 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Pave Diamond Ear Cuff

    Easy does it. Get the luxe look of a cartilage cuff without piercing. This diamond-coated hoop slips easily on and settles in the center of your ear. Bright stones are set in 14k gold, creating a brilliant touch you'll never want to take off. (But when...

  • Thin Gold Ear Cuff, 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Thin Gold Ear Cuff

    We're all for "fake it till you make it"... but in this case, just fake it. This piercing-free 14k gold hoop slips effortlessly over your cartilage and settles in the center of your ear. It's our favorite comfy-and-cute way to add extra impact to a look...

  • Thick Gold Ear Cuff, 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Thick Gold Ear Cuff

    Everyone will notice, but who's going to know? That's the magic of a no-pierce ear cuff. This thick 14k gold accent is perfect for adding a hint of gleaming gold to your daily look. It slips effortlessly over your cartilage and settles in the center of...

  • Best Friends BFF Heart Anklet Set, 14k yellow gold - Urbaetis Fine Jewelry

    Best Friends Heart Anklet Set

    The grown-up version of the 90s childhood favorite: A pair of anklets with engraved half-heart charms. We're pretty sure this is the best way to celebrate the unbeatable bond between besties.  Made with 14k gold Available in white, yellow, and rose...

  • Domino Marquise Necklace, 14k yellow gold, 0.27 carats - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Domino Marquise Necklace

    We call it the party trick of diamond necklaces: This modern statement makes its own rules with 3-stone settings that create the illusion of marquise-cut diamonds. Each is tilted, evoking a visual of dominos tipping (if you played dominos with stunning...

  • Gold Toe Ring, 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Gold Toe Ring

    The most subtle details can make your personal style memorable—and this sleek gold toe ring is one of those details. With a sun-catching surface and open silhouette, this minimal piece slips on with ease to accent your sandals or barefoot look...

  • Herringbone Necklace, 2.8mm, 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Herringbone Chain Necklace

    Make space in your stash for a new favorite: This sophisticated chain lays smooth against the skin as if it's made of liquid. It's so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it—until you catch a glimpse of it shining in the mirror, that is. Layer...

  • Light Puffed Mariner Bracelet, 14k yellow gold, 4.6mm - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Puffed Mariner Link Bracelet

    Let everyone else play small while you go all out. This glossy chain bracelet turns the luxe dial up until it puts other bracelets to shame (and sorry, it's not sorry). Puffed chain links feature a high-shine finish you'll love seeing on your wrist. Make...

    $559.00 - $759.00
  • Herringbone Bracelet, 14k yellow gold, 2.8mm width, 7" length - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Herringbone Bracelet

    The silkiest gold you'll ever experience. This Herringbone Bracelet comes in two widths, 3 mm and 5 mm.  Made with 14k gold Available in yellow gold only Bracelet comes in 2.8mm width and 4.6mm width Bracelet length is 7"

    $229.00 - $429.00
  • Long Link Necklace, 14k yellow gold, 16 inches - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Long Link Necklace

    Our current obsession? Semi-chunky-chains. While we love our more voluptuous links, this paperclip necklace delivers on the luxe chain trend without going over the top. It features sleek, minimal 14k gold links that catch the light from every angle. Hot...

  • Channel Set Baguette Diamond Ring, 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Channel Set Baguette Diamond Ring

    There's a fine line between bold and feminine. In this case, that line is filled with diamonds. A single row of elegantly cut baguette diamonds are secured in the center of a gleaming gold band. The symmetry and clean finish merge minimal and luxe...

  • Open Diamond Ring, 14k yellow gold- URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Open Diamond Ring

    Satisfy your ring addiction with this ultra-modern play on negative space. Twin diamonds are set at the edges of a 14k gold open band, appearing to float on your finger. Styling tip: Open rings are perfect for stacking with other favorites.  Made...

  • Illusion Marquise Diamond Stackable Ring in 14k white gold- URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Illusion Marquise Stackable Ring

    What's your ring collection missing? If you answered "a sophisticated and stunning touch of sparkle", you're in the right place. This elevated band crafted in 14k gold features marquise illusion diamonds set horizontally to glide across the finger. ...

  • Single Diamond Ear Cuff in 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Single Diamond Ear Cuff

    Who doesn't love having a secret? This no-pierce 14k cuff creates the sweetest touch of sparkle without the commitment. It slips over your cartilage and settles mid-way down the ear. When workn, the sone is positions to sit precisely in the center. (Yes,...

  • Diamond Halo Earring Charm, 14k Yellow Gold - Urbaetis Fine Jewelry

    Diamond Halo Earring Charm

    Add a bit of flare to your essential huggies.  Made with 14k gold Available in white, yellow, and rose gold  11 diamonds totaling 0.10 carats Diamonds are graded G-H, SI2-I1 Fits on all hoop and huggie earrings up to 2mm diameter

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