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Find Out What The Editors Are Saying About URBAETIS

  • Bracelet Sizing - Find Comfort and Style
    An ill-fitting bracelet can be the downfall of even the most iconic stacks. Imagine finding the perfect wrist accent, only to discover it doesn’t fit at all. Unfortunately, most jewelers have a one size fits all brace …
  • Single Prong Edition: Meet Our Best-Sellers New BFF
    When it comes to look-at-me jewelry pieces that command the attention of the room, nothing beats our graduated diamond pieces. With single-prong construction, the minimal material places the diamonds on full display - …
  • Mariner Jewelry – Delicate and Dramatic
    Every strong woman needs a piece of jewelry that will embody her bold personality- and no accessory says “robust” quite like the mariner chain.Inspired by the nautical world, mariner jewelry showcases an oval link wit …
  • Arm Stacks that Sparkle in the Sun
    With warmer temperatures on the horizon, women everywhere are preparing to peel off their trendy winter wear, replacing it with short shorts and slip dresses that show off just the right amount of skin.But whether you’re …
  • Ear Stacks for Modern (And Busy) Women
    You’re running out of the house, only to realize - you forgot your jewelry (again). Insert a stressed-out facepalm and feeling partially “naked” for the rest of your accessory-less day.  Sound familiar? We …
  • Layer Like an Influencer - The Baguette Diamond Edition
    We’ve all seen it: those gorgeous, perfectly-placed necklaces bedazzling the necks of our favorite influencers. Our jaws drop, our hearts flutter, and we can’t help but instantly “double-tap.”But don’t let the influenc …
  • Marquise Diamond Everythinggg  <3
    This year, style is all about evoking personality and passion. That said, we’re breaking free from traditional diamond shapes and unleashing our inner diva with diamond marquise designs.Fancy-shaped diamonds have mad …
  • Pool Approved Jewelry

    Pool Approved Jewelry

    Jun 14th 2021

    With things opening up and summer on the horizon, it’s finally time to welcome the annual pool parties back into the mix. But don’t you dare go bare to the pool. Your jewelry should be glistening like the crystal-clea …
  • Getting to the Gold

    Getting to the Gold

    Mar 14th 2021

    From Cleopatra’s glimmering headdress to Marie Antoinette’s golden pocket watch, our love affair with gold can be traced back through 6,000+ years of history. As a society, we still love to adorn ourselves with sparkling …


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