• Baguette Long Link Necklace, 14k yellow gold, 1.84 carats - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Baguette Link Necklace

    At first glance, this classic chain link choker is the staple we know and love (it pairs with *everything*, right?). But when you look closer, a lineup of lustrous finishing touches transforms basic into brilliant. These chain links are dotted with...

  • Diamond Snake Chain Bracelet, 14k yellow gold, 3.8 carats - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Diamond Snake Chain Bracelet

    Did you know that snakes symbolize vibrance and creativity? Snake chains, on the other hand, are a symbol of good style. In this case, a hypnotic row of meticulously crafted links are set with head-turning diamonds to form a stunning bracelet. This...

    $7,399.00 - $8,999.00
  • Long Link Diamond Bracelet, 14k yellow gold, 3.4 carats -URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Diamond Long Link Bracelet

    There are chain link bracelets... and then there's THIS chain link bracelet. Coated in diamonds and dripping with attitude, this statement piece isn't shy about its shine—remind you of anyone? While boujee in the best way, it's still subtle enough...

    $7,799.00 - $8,099.00
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