• 70s Inspired Initial Necklace, 14k yellow gold, Letter K - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    70s Initial Necklace

    It's back, baby. That's right - 70s style has made a major comeback. If flared jeans, crop tops, and brown tones are on your fall fashion list - make sure to include our groovy upgrade to a traditional letter necklace.  - Available in white, yellow,...

  • Studded Circle Studs, 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Studded Circle Studs

    Let your inner Punk Princess shine with our Studded Circle Studs. A micro-pave string of diamonds glitters along the studded gold, draping around the ear like garland. - Made with 14k gold - Available in white, yellow, and rose gold - 68 diamonds...

  • Offset 3 carat tennis bracelet, 14k white gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Offset Tennis Bracelet

    Don't you love when something classic gets a modern twist? This updated tennis bracelet has everything you love about its elegant predecessor (maximum sparkle, for example) but each diamond is off-set to form a unique cobblestone pattern. If your wrist...

    $4,399.00 - $4,599.00
  • Rainbow Sapphire Long Link Earrings, 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Rainbow Sapphire Long Link Earrings

    Life hack: When you can't choose your favorite color, wear them all. These bright and beautiful dangling earrings combine playfulness and elevated luxury into a statement that's made to turn heads. Each link is coated with a colorful spectrum of stones,...

  • Rainbow Sapphire Curb Link Bangle, 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Rainbow Sapphire Curb Link Bangle

    We really like curb chains and rainbows, but when we put them together? It's love, baby. The chain links of this chunky bangle are coated in sapphires, resulting in a statement unlike anything in your jewelry collection. - Made with 14k gold - Choose...

  • Rainbow Sapphire Long Link Bracelet, 14k yellow gold- URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Rainbow Sapphire Long Link Bracelet

    We took a favorite and made it a must-have. This vibrant statement bracelet is coated in colorful sapphires that span every color of the rainbow. A gleaming gold base brings the look to life. A fair warning: This beauty may cause a lot of "Omg, where did...

    $3,099.00 - $3,199.00
  • Pear Illusion Cluster Diamond Ear Cuff, 14k White Gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Pear Illusion Diamond Ear Cuff

    Top off your look with an eye-catching accent that adds a bit of edge. Our playful no-pierce cuff slips on in seconds for an instant outfit upgrade. Crafted in gleaming 14k gold, it features unique diamond settings that amp up the shine-factor of each...

  • Pear and Round Diamond Bypass Ring, 14k white gold _ URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Pear and Round Diamond Bypass Ring

    Featured in Harper's Bazaar September to Remember 2021 issue. the Pear and Round Diamond Bypass Ring features expertly set diamonds to give the illusion of pear stones wrapping around your finger.  -Made in 14k gold -Available in white, yellow, and...

  • Marquise Wrap Ring, 14k white gold, 1.29 carats - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Marquise Wrap Ring

    Can't talk right now... we're doing inner-goddess s***. At least, that's what this ring is doing! Deck out your hand in a mesmerizing wrap of marquis diamonds in the shape of fluttering feathery wings. Make no mistake, this sparkling statement is made to...

  • Pear Stacked Ring, 14k gold, 0.71 carats - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Pear Stacked Band

    Why settle when you can sparkle instead? This ultra-bright 14k gold ring features alternating pear illusion diamonds that dance around the finger like luxe confetti. Just don't be surprised if you can't stop smiling at your hand. - Made with 14k gold -...

  • Diamond Waterfall Earrings, 14k white gold, 2.44 carats - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Diamond Waterfall Earrings

    Plot twist: Chasing waterfalls is in. These gasp-worthy waterfall earrings feature a cascade of bright diamonds that shimmer from every angle. Individual strands create maximum movement and trigger a fireworks-like effect. Whether you're prepping a...

  • Domino Marquise Necklace, 14k yellow gold, 0.27 carats - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Domino Marquise Necklace

    We call it the party trick of diamond necklaces: This modern statement makes its own rules with 3-stone settings that create the illusion of marquise-cut diamonds. Each is tilted, evoking a visual of dominos tipping (if you played dominos with stunning...

  • Diamond Tennis Choker, 14k yellow gold, 2.5 carats - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Buttercup Tennis Choker Necklace

    A modern-minimal take on a glamorous vintage setting, this stunning choker draws on three important things: Victorian-inspired craftsmanship, 90s necklace trends, and a shameless love of luster. The result is an irresistible row of buttercup-set diamonds...

  • Light Puffed Mariner Bracelet, 14k yellow gold, 4.6mm - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Puffed Mariner Link Bracelet

    Let everyone else play small while you go all out. This glossy chain bracelet turns the luxe dial up until it puts other bracelets to shame (and sorry, it's not sorry). Puffed chain links feature a high-shine finish you'll love seeing on your wrist. Make...

    $559.00 - $759.00
  • Long Link Diamond Bracelet, 14k yellow gold, 3.4 carats -URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Diamond Long Link Bracelet

    There are chain link bracelets... and then there's THIS chain link bracelet. Coated in diamonds and dripping with attitude, this statement piece isn't shy about its shine—remind you of anyone? While boujee in the best way, it's still subtle enough...

    $7,799.00 - $8,099.00
  • Long Link Necklace, 14k yellow gold, 16 inches - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Long Link Necklace

    Our current obsession? Semi-chunky-chains. While we love our more voluptuous links, this paperclip necklace delivers on the luxe chain trend without going over the top. It features sleek, minimal 14k gold links that catch the light from every angle. Hot...

  • Open Diamond Ring, 14k yellow gold- URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Open Diamond Ring

    Satisfy your ring addiction with this ultra-modern play on negative space. Twin diamonds are set at the edges of a 14k gold open band, appearing to float on your finger. Styling tip: Open rings are perfect for stacking with other favorites.  Made...

  • Diamond Split Huggie Stud Earrings,  14k yellow gold, 0.24 carats - Urbaetis Fine Jewelry

    Split Diamond Stud Earrings

    Prepare to sparkle in 3...2...1... Round disc studes coated in glittering diamond anchor curved hoops that swoop below the lobe. And because we're all about turning up the brightness, those are diamond-covered too. The result is It-girl meets...

  • Diamond Chain Huggies, 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Diamond Chain Huggies

    The freshest take you'll find o the industrial chain jewelry trend. These 14k gold huggies are crafted in bold, bulky gold chain links and coated in sparkling pavé diamonds. Hint: When you're curating your ears, move these to the front. Made with...

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