One for me and one for you. Meet the 90's Inspired BFF Jewelry Collection - The New Way to Show Bestie Love

Nov 28th 2021

One for me and one for you. Meet the 90's Inspired BFF Jewelry Collection - The New Way to Show Bestie Love

She’s your girl. Your bestie. Your #1 in the girl squad. Why are you settling for sub-par gifts? Whether she finally got over “you know who” or she just nailed her university exams, these bedazzling BFF jewelry statement pieces are sure to wow. What are we waiting for, gal pals?

BFF Stud Earrings

BFF stud earrings may have been a litter of bright pastels in past years, but not anymore. These stunning BFF studs are anything but cutesy. Revamped with glamour and high style in mind, these charming studs come in white, yellow, and rose gold and are made entirely of jaw-dropping 14k gold.

With a single stud earring, you can take your best friend with you anywhere. Whether it’s to the club scene or dinner at the White House, your bestie will be riding shotgun without the fuss and hassle of a bracelet or anklet.

A bare ear also presents the perfect opportunity for you to dip into your daring side and indulge in the chic mix-and-match trend. Opt for an ornate teardrop earring on the opposite side or be a bit edgier with a hoop. Keep things on the tame end of the scale by adding a similarly shaped and colored earring.

BFF Anklets

There’s nothing quite like an anklet, and the right piece makes all the difference. That’s why we’re raving about these brilliant BFF heart anklets.

Designed to be sentimental and subtle yet eye-catching, these anklets are the ideal petite accessory to draw attention to your (and your other half’s) perfectly sun kissed ankles. Consider this the grown-up version of your old-school 90s beaded BFF anklets.

With adorable half-heart charms joining the two pieces, these anklets are the perfect representation of your everlasting connection. The heart detailing speaks of your friendship’s love, strength, and devotion while still being ultimately chic.

Bring your two hearts together and step out in your favorite short-shorts and bikini tops, and have the time of your life making new unforgettable memories with your kindred spirit.

BFF Bracelets

Your best friend is your rock, right? You couldn’t do it without her. Well, a BFF bracelet is the most traditional way to display just how much you adore your girly soul mate. But let’s be honest, babes - wearing a lanyard covered in multicolored beads and letters isn’t going to cut it.

Introducing the redesigned, renewed, and revived BFF bracelet set that soars into the 21st century and celebrates the unbreakable bond between you and your best friend for life.

These charming bracelets interlock with darling 14K half-heart charms to represent the cherished love and unrelenting support you have for each other. She (and you) will fall in love with these dainty and minimalist bracelets that encapsulate the true meaning of friendship.

Best Friends Forever, Let’s Chat...

You have had each other’s backs through it all, and now you’ll have a meaningful statement jewelry piece to display your everlasting friendship forever. Whether you opt for the fun single stud earring, glamorous anklet, or charming bracelet, you can’t go wrong celebrating friendship with any of these revamped BFF jewelry pieces.

But honestly? These statement jewelry pieces might be more of a gift for yourself. (It will be our little secret.)

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