• Graduating Diamond Tennis Bracelet, 14k white gold, 2.3 carats - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Graduating Diamond Tennis Bracelet

    We could be modest, but why not be honest? We're in love with our newest take on the tennis bracelet—a timeless jewelry collection essential, regardless of which variation you wear. This piece features eye-catching diamonds in a buttercup setting...

  • 3 Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet, 14k white gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Three Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet

    If you're game for something gorgeous, it's time to meet your match: This tennis bracelet has been scoring high in sparkle-and-shine since it first became a court-inspired trend. This stunner throws a spin on things with three prongs instead of four. -...

    $5,719.00 - $15,459.00
  • Gold and Diamond Pyramid Bangle, 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Gold and Diamond Pyramid Bangle

    When your finishing touch has finishing touches of its own. Dubbed the perfect "in-between" bangle by our founder, it makes a smooth transition between other favorites in your stack. If you're just starting your bangle collection, it's the perfect pick...

  • Double Rope Chain Bracelet, 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Double Rope Chain Bracelet

    We heard your bracelet stack is missing something... but not for long. Introducing our newest piece of arm candy: This subtle statement features an intricate double chain link motif, walking a fine line between delicate and striking. - Made with 14k...

  • Emerald Illusion Pave Bangle, 14k yellow gold, 1.64 carats - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Emerald Illusion Pave Bangle

    This sleek bangle bracelet walks the delicate line between decadent and minimal. Its width makes it a subtly modern statement, while the literal coating of bright white diamonds tells another story. The center cluster, which forms a baguette diamond...

  • Diamond Wheat Bangle, 14k yellow gold, 1.08 carats - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Diamond Braided Bangle

    Our new favorite way to wear diamonds is a bit of a one-piece wonder: This statement bangle goes all out with two rows of links merged into a wheat motif. Delicate diamonds sparkle from every angle on a base of gleaming gold. You can stack it if you want...

  • Diamond Snake Chain Bracelet, 14k yellow gold, 3.8 carats - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Diamond Snake Chain Bracelet

    Did you know that snakes symbolize vibrance and creativity? Snake chains, on the other hand, are a symbol of good style. In this case, a hypnotic row of meticulously crafted links are set with head-turning diamonds to form a stunning bracelet. This...

  • Offset 3 carat tennis bracelet, 14k white gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Offset Tennis Bracelet

    Don't you love when something classic gets a modern twist? This updated tennis bracelet has everything you love about its elegant predecessor (maximum sparkle, for example) but each diamond is off-set to form a unique cobblestone pattern. If your wrist...

  • Rainbow Sapphire Curb Link Bangle, 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Rainbow Sapphire Curb Link Bangle

    We really like curb chains and rainbows, but when we put them together? It's love, baby. The chain links of this chunky bangle are coated in sapphires, resulting in a statement unlike anything in your jewelry collection. - Made with 14k gold - Choose...

  • Rainbow Sapphire Long Link Bracelet, 14k yellow gold- URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Rainbow Sapphire Long Link Bracelet

    We took a favorite and made it a must-have. This vibrant statement bracelet is coated in colorful sapphires that span every color of the rainbow. A gleaming gold base brings the look to life. A fair warning: This beauty may cause a lot of "Omg, where did...

  • 4 Prong Tennis Bracelet, 2 carats, 14k white gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    4 Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet

    A hint of sparkle is one thing. A full lineup of glittering diamonds is another. We love the way a diamond tennis bracelet can draw gasps of awe from admirers while still being subtle and elevated. This 4-prong setting style is the perfect way to add a...

  • Light Puffed Mariner Bracelet, 14k yellow gold, 4.6mm - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Puffed Mariner Link Bracelet

    Let everyone else play small while you go all out. This glossy chain bracelet turns the luxe dial up until it puts other bracelets to shame (and sorry, it's not sorry). Puffed chain links feature a high-shine finish you'll love seeing on your wrist. Make...

  • Long Link Diamond Bracelet, 14k yellow gold, 3.4 carats -URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Diamond Long Link Bracelet

    There are chain link bracelets... and then there's THIS chain link bracelet. Coated in diamonds and dripping with attitude, this statement piece isn't shy about its shine—remind you of anyone? While boujee in the best way, it's still subtle enough...

  • Herringbone Bracelet, 14k yellow gold, 2.8mm width, 7" length - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Herringbone Bracelet

    Meet the grown-up version of your go-to chain bracelet. This versatile piece feels like liquid gold (trust us, you won't want to take it off). Wear it daily to upgrade your look, whether you're going to work or out for the night. It layers well with...

    $229.00 - $429.00
  • Best Friends BFF Heart Bracelet Set, 14k yellow gold - Urbaetis Fine Jewelry

    Best Friends Heart Bracelet Set

    The grown-up version of the 90s childhood favorite: A pair of bracelets with engraved half-heart charms. We're pretty sure this is the best way to celebrate the unbeatable bond between besties.  - Made with 14k gold - Available in white, yellow, and...

  • Pear Diamond Cluster Bracelet- 14k yellow gold, 0.11 carats - Urbaetis Fine Jewelry

    Illusion Pear Diamond Bracelet

    A delicate chain and sweet diamond motif. This 14k gold statement features a  pear-shaped cluster of stones in an illusion setting. If you ask us, its too pretty not to wear all the time.  - Made with 14k gold - Available in white, yellow, and...

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