• Inlay Baguette Diamond Huggies, 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Inlay Baguette Diamond Huggies

    Eager to elevate your jewelry collection this season? Good news: Your favorite gold huggies are all grown up and dressed to impress with inlay baguette diamonds. They offer just enough sparkle to spice up your look while maintaining a chill demeanor that...

  • Pave Diamond Flower Earrings, 14k white gold- URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Pavé Diamond Flower Studs

    When was the last time you stopped to wear the flowers? These striking floral studs feature delicately shaped petals coated in pave-set diamonds with a sparkling center. A modern, yet feminine accent, they pair perfectly to spring and summer ensembles...

  • Square Diamond Line Huggies, 14k yellow gold, 0.11 carats - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Square Diamond Line Huggies

    That feeling when you hear "thicc!" and they're talking about your earrings. This sleek, geometric-inspired take on the classic huggie is an easy pick for daily wear and a favorite for its strong silhouette. Softened 14k gold squares feature a thin band...

  • Small 9mm Pave Diamond Huggies, 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Small Pave Diamond Huggies

    Like a hug for your ears, but with sparkle. These dainty huggies are a favorite mini-statement that measure a mere 9mm, making them perfect for smaller lobes and snug fits. They're ideal for stacked styling and wearing in 2nd or 3rd holes. - Made with...

  • Tapered Pave Diamond Huggies, 14k yellow gold, 0.32 carats - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Tapered Pave Diamond Huggies

    The best cure for a "blah" day might be a hug, but we know a trick to make EVERY day amazing: the perfect pair of diamond-covered huggies. These classics bring an all-new vibe with a subtle widened middle and two to three rows of our favorite sparkling...

  • Double Pearl and Pave Diamond Hoops, 14k white and yellow gold, 0.29 carats - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Double Pearl and Pave Diamond Hoops

    When a pair of hoops look both timelessly elegant and refreshingly modern, you know they're a must-have. These decadent accents are dotted with a double dose of pearls and lined with glittering pave-set diamonds. Subtle, yet overtly luxurious? We're into...

  • Diamond Link Link Earrings, 14k yellow gold, 1.1 carats - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Diamond Long Link Earrings

    There are chain link earrings... and then there's THESE chain link earrings. Coated in diamonds and dripping with attitude, this statement isn't shy about its shine—remind you of anyone? While boujee in the best way, it's still subtle enough to be...

  • U Shaped Gold Huggies, 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    U-Shape Gold Huggies

    Huggie or a hoop- can't decide? Then the U Shaped Huggies are the perfect for you! These huggies have very little projection from the ear, but because of its unique U shape, these are more of a statement than a traditional huggie. - Made with 14k gold -...

  • Bezel Set Baguette Studs, 14k yellow gold, 0.18 carats - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Bezel Set Baguette Studs

    There's something about this artisan setting that makes each baguette-cut diamond shine even brighter. As if freshly pressed into the base, each stone is enveloped in gold to create the perfect stud accent. - Made with 14k gold - 2 diamonds totaling 0...

  • Studded Circle Studs, 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Studded Circle Studs

    Let your inner Punk Princess shine with our Studded Circle Studs. A micro-pave string of diamonds glitters along the studded gold, draping around the ear like garland. - Made with 14k gold - Available in white, yellow, and rose gold - 68 diamonds...

  • Rainbow Sapphire Long Link Earrings, 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Rainbow Sapphire Long Link Earrings

    Life hack: When you can't choose your favorite color, wear them all. These bright and beautiful dangling earrings combine playfulness and elevated luxury into a statement that's made to turn heads. Each link is coated with a colorful spectrum of stones,...

  • Pear Illusion Cluster Diamond Ear Cuff, 14k White Gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Pear Illusion Diamond Ear Cuff

    Top off your look with an eye-catching accent that adds a bit of edge. Our playful no-pierce cuff slips on in seconds for an instant outfit upgrade. Crafted in gleaming 14k gold, it features unique diamond settings that amp up the shine-factor of each...

  • 2mm Gold Tube Hoops, 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    2 mm Tube Hoops

    Meet our best-selling gold hoops... and kiss them goodbye as they sell out again. (Just kidding... sort of!) There's a reason our customers can't get enough of these thin high-shine staples. They're versatile, sophisticated, and always on-trend. They...

    $109.00 - $249.00
  • Thin Diamond Ear Cuff, 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Pave Diamond Ear Cuff

    Easy does it. Get the luxe look of a cartilage cuff without piercing. This diamond-coated hoop slips easily on and settles in the center of your ear. Bright stones are set in 14k gold, creating a brilliant touch you'll never want to take off. (But when...

  • Thin Gold Ear Cuff, 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Thin Gold Ear Cuff

    We're all for "fake it till you make it"... but in this case, just fake it. This piercing-free 14k gold hoop slips effortlessly over your cartilage and settles in the center of your ear. It's our favorite comfy-and-cute way to add extra impact to a look...

  • Thick Gold Ear Cuff, 14k yellow gold - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Thick Gold Ear Cuff

    Everyone will notice, but who's going to know? That's the magic of a no-pierce ear cuff. This thick 14k gold accent is perfect for adding a hint of gleaming gold to your daily look. It slips effortlessly over your cartilage and settles in the center of...

  • Diamond Waterfall Earrings, 14k white gold, 2.44 carats - URBAETIS Fine Jewelry

    Diamond Waterfall Earrings

    Plot twist: Chasing waterfalls is in. These gasp-worthy waterfall earrings feature a cascade of bright diamonds that shimmer from every angle. Individual strands create maximum movement and trigger a fireworks-like effect. Whether you're prepping a...

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